Tips to Find the Best Women's Wakeboards

Wakeboarding has quietly become one of the best sports on water, and one of the best parts is that anyone can join in. Women's wakeboards are some of the most revered as they offer some of the best design elements which goes well beyond what the board looks like.

When looking for the best women's wakeboards out there, there are numerous things to consider besides how one looks on the board. There are many features packed in that takes this extreme water sport to the next level which all hinders on what they are, and what they do.

Subtle features will really make or break the entire experience which is what the following tips to find the best women's wakeboards was intended for.

Things to consider including:

  • Rocker - 3 stage rockers allow the board to sit deeper in the water which makes it easier to glide giving you much more speed
  • Center channel - women riders have been known to appreciate the ride a center channel give you giving you more speed and works best when the board is also outfitted with a 3 stage rocker
  • Traction - features such as edge channels give the rider more traction, and ultimately, more control
  • Bindings - the bindings can make all the difference as you want them to be tight fitting, but not too tight
  • Weight - In most cases, the lighter the better, but as long as it doesn't compromise durability
  • Base - Poor drag can give you the feeling of being stuck in the water
  • Speedwalls - more speed, enough said
If you're still learning to wakeboard, Learn Wake is a great resource to turn to.


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