Why Folding Bikes are Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Kids

Folding bikes are something relatively new and is one of the best ways to get outdoors and enjoy the sights of mother nature. Our children have changed the reality of what's entertaining and what isn't. Over the years, we have seen technology shape their days which has taken what we knew as kids as fun, and changed it into a whole new reality.

Folding bicycles have helped change this and make cycling not only entertaining, but a much better alternative to sitting on the couch. The health benefits of cycling will reap long-term benefits which is something to consider for our children while they're younger which will certainly benefit them into the future.

Folding bicycles offer the perfect mix of style and performance. There are numerous models which appeal to children as well as adults with the folding properties somewhat obscure from the naked eye. Folding Bike Critic did an amazing job in reviewing the best folding bikes in 2017 which include mountain bikes, daily commuters, mountain bikes, and more.

Probably the single most popular manufacturer, Dahon, offers an amazing selection of folding bikes for kids. In most cases, their bikes are a bit more expensive than competitors, but if you're looking for a great investment you're child will be riding it for years to come.

As you can see in the following video, the benefits goes well beyond natural exercise as folding bikes offer put a new, different, and healthier demand on the body. They help change your diet, speed up one's metabolism and are much more accommodating to one's own fitness goals. With only 20 minutes per day on a folding bike, anyone will see a significant difference in their overall health.

You can see more on the overall health benefits of folding bikes in the following video:


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