Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Looks to Lead the 4K Revolution

4K resolutions are starting to be seen across all technology based devices including TV's and now smartphones. With rumors suggesting that many high-end devices in 2018 opting in for a UHD resolution instead of a 2K resolution, the shift towards a 4K revolution is imminent.

Some of the latest rumors on the Samsung Galaxy S9 screen suggest the newest flagship will boast a resolution of 3840 x 2160. This is the first flagship that's rumored to feature a 4x HD viewing experience which will translate into an amazing viewing, recording and photographic experience.

Smartphones are becoming a way of life, and Samsung looks to expand their scope on handhelds with what sound to be a true 4K viewing experience. Nobody is certain if 4K will be too much as some analysts have said that it may actually be too high of a resolution for such a small device.

With the Samsung Galaxy S9 screen expected to come in at 5.5-inches and the larger Galaxy S9 Plus expected to be 6.2-inches, it's still uncertain as to how things will display on-screen. Either way, we fully expect Samsung to make things right as they continually look to push the envelope with technology so we would expect nothing less.

If the Samsung Galaxy S9 screen is the first flagship to support 4K resolutions, expect others to follow not far behind. There are also rumors out there concerning LG and Apple are looking at the same with the 2018 launches of the LG G7 and iPhone 8.

Only time will tell, but for now, why not tell us what you think below.


  1. Samsung is ahead in revolution now than iPhone,
    It has really nice conceptualized phones.
    Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors


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